SYSA Raising Funds to Fix the Soccer Field

The Swain Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) has kicked off a fundraising campaign to raise money to fix the Swain County Recreation Park Soccer Field. Swain County received a grant from the NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PartF) that will provide up to $30,000 of matching money to fix the soccer field. For every dollar raised by Swain County and SYSA, the grant will match the money up to $30,000. 

The Field

The current field was built in 2003 and is uneven, does not drain, and has never grown grass suitable for a playing surface. Swain County has tried several times over the years to fix the field, but major work on the site is needed before turf can grow there.

The Fund

Funds raised in the campaign will fund the field renovation plan.  The first phase of the field is to crown the field for proper drainage, install an irrigation system, and bring in sod for the field.  After the first phase is complete, SYSA will then look at higher fencing and netting, a field marking system, a storage building, and bleachers.

For Our County and Our Kids

The field will serve the competitive SYSA teams, overflow from the recreational soccer league (which currently turns away children because of the size of the private field they play on), the high school club teams, and recreational adult players. An additional goal is that the field be made suitable for hosting teams from other counties, which would benefit Swain County economically by bringing in additional income to local businesses from those visiting players and their families.

Buy a Brick

SYSA’s fundraising campaign will start with a Buy a Brick campaign. With this campaign people can buy a brick with your name, an inscription, a dedication, or memorial. The brick will be placed at the Rec Park soccer field.  For more information on the Buy a Brick campaign, please contact Jack Gray at, 488-3862, or fill out our online order form. 

Corporate Sponsorship

SYSA will also seek corporate sponsorship for the renovation. Corporate sponsors will be recognized in SYSA publicity and on our web site. Please contact Scott Cline at for more information.  


As of September 26, 2013, SYSA has raised over $17,600 towards this goal. We are grateful to our friends, family, and community for their support. We began the first phase of the project in May. Our teams of volunteers cleared and tilled the field, installed irrigation, picked rocks, and planted seed. The day we finished seeding, record-setting rains arrived in Western North Carolina that have continued all summer. The rain and cool weather has slowed the growth of the new grass.  Our volunteers are mowing, fertilizing, and manging the weeds to give the field all the help it needs.  The field will be able to support limited play this fall but will need another growing season to get established.  Our travel teams are practicing on the field and we were able to hold our first home games this fall, bringing teams of soccer families to Bryson City.  We will not install our landscaping and donation bricks until the field is ready for full use to protect it from equipment, most likely spring or fall of 2014. You can visit our virtual bricks here.


Swain County Recreation Park Soccer Field - 2012


SYSA's First Home Game at the Swain County Recreation Park Field - September 20, 2013.

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!